“Old” Social Media Sites You May Have Forgotten

As I was discussing old social media sites (and old is relative here since they were created within about a decade) with my son-in-law and daughter, they reminded me of some sites that I hadn’t even considered SM until now. Such SM as AOL chat rooms, Open Diary, Live Journal, Reddit, and Stumble Upon came up. I was never involved with the chat rooms or any of the others, but my children were. They were teenagers at the time and used Open Diary and Live Journal almost daily. If you don’t know about these “old” SM tools, let me inform you. 😉

Open Diary: OpenDiary.com

Open Diary is an interactive diary (blog) for you to write about your personal thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. It’s like a real diary, only this one can be viewed and commented on by anyone online. Open Diary’s welcome message says that it’s for connecting with friends, keeping your life online, and learning about yourself. They offer free blog space with an opportunity to upgrade (for a price, of course). The site lists a “People’s Choice” of entries as well as a “Theme of the Week.”  I don’t know how popular it is now, but as can be expected, the most popular blog diaries are about depression, love, and poetry. I say “as can be expected” because I believe that’s what most people write about in their physical diaries. I imagine that teenage girls make up the largest population of Open Diary users.

Live Journal: LiveJournal.com

Live Journal is another diary-type SM tool. It has more information about its users than Open Diary. Like Open Diary, it offers free blog space to whomever would like to keep a public diary (which seems to me to defeat the purpose of a diary since I always thought diaries were very personal and not shared with anyone except, perhaps, one’s closest friends). Live Journal, however, keeps stats about its users. It claims to have 53,8 million journals and communities who submitted over 141,000 posts in the last 24 hours. It also includes a poll and updates on news items and lists popular entries and communities. Of the two, I’d say Live Journal is more advanced in its offerings than Open Diary. If you love writing about your thoughts and feelings—and want public feedback—both SM sites are a free, easy way to accommodate you.

Reddit: Reddit.com

Reddit is a lot like Digg in that it lists the most popular news stories as found by its members. You can even pick a topic that most interests you such as Funny, Politics, Gaming, Technology, etc. These topics have the latest and most popular news about each topic. You can even go to specific categories about each of these topics. They include Hot, New, Controversial, and Top. I’ve never gone to the Reddit site before, but it seems to me that if you want to stay on top of the latest news on whatever topic you choose, this is the perfect place to do just that.

Stumble Upon: StumbleUpon.com

StumbleUpon is a great SM tool for those who want to discover new sites about whatever interests them. They claim to “help you discover great sites, videos and photos from around the web.” And it’s free! I think this could be a great resource for finding the best sites for anything you might want to learn more about. Twenty-five million members tell StumbleUpon their interests then StumbleUpon directs them to sites, videos, and photos related to those interests, and members rate them. I joined. 😉

Next week I’ll have information about the “Captcha” tool. Find out how this program protects social media tools like websites, blogs, emails, polls, etc. from bots.


5 thoughts on ““Old” Social Media Sites You May Have Forgotten

  1. KristieO says:

    Thanks for rebooting my memory about some of these first “social explorers.” The social landscape has changed but it looks like the processes (writing, reading, commenting and collecting data) remain similar. Open Diary and Live Journal always seemed too invasive to me but I’ll have to check out your Reddit and Stumbleupon links. ko

  2. kristibarnes says:

    I can agree, SM is definitely different than what it use to be. I remember when Myspace and xanga were the top two social networking and media tools. It seems nowadys sites such as Twitter and Facebook that not only give the user more features to use, but also is much more convenient in regards to sharing and connecting with others. These sites have found a way to provide consumers and busnisses a more efficient means of communication about feedback amongst each other, allowing businesses to better adjust and respond to consumer needs and desires. I was a user of both Myspace AND Xanga and use neither now and havent in years. Although Myspace has now promoted their site as a music social media tool and networking community, Facebook offers the same ability with greater ease, and from a site that the users are already using. Also, sites like ReverbNation, which is pretty much a digitial online Press Release Kit for artists and labels to network with one another, have found a way to provide more convenience for these users over Myspace.

  3. vickielajoie says:

    OK… so you know what is scary? I’ve never heard of ANY of these! Where have I been? If you find a big rock please turn it over and let me out…:)

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